In this day and age, time and space are always at a premium.
With a Moby Geek table, you can make the most of both!
A quick and easy set-up of the table gives you a perfect table with
a lightweight yet sturdy footprint; with a dining table and a gaming
table in one compact package. Not only this, but a quick turnaround
from ordering to delivery also means you do not have to wait forever
for your table! With options for table colours and inset printings
as well as USB charging, it’s never been easier or more accessible
to have your very own gaming table!



If you’re looking for the perfect furniture to set up on your booth at a convention or running your own gaming event, then look no further! Featuring inset printing with your logo as well as light and dark colour options, these will really give that special feeling to any event you may be holding!


If you’re looking at going that extra step for your store, whether that be online or physical, then look no further. With printing options available to personalise to your brand, the Moby Geek table will give you a product to really shout out about!


Moby Geek is not just for businesses! If you’re looking for an achievable gaming table for your home or an added extra to an already established game room, then our table can do this for you! With a quick turnaround from sale to delivery, your idea becomes reality quicker than ever before!

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Moby Geek is comprised of a small team based in Poland with a love for
gaming and family time. With this in mind, Moby Geek was created with
an idea to present families with an affordable and achievable gaming table;
one that can have all of the functionalities of other gaming tables out there
without breaking the bank. We understand the realities of owning a gaming
table has been a fantasy for many. With a Moby Geek table, that fantasy
becomes a reality! We understand just how quick and unpredictable family
life can be, so we have taken our experiences with this and put them into our tables, so you will be prepared for what ever may come next!


Lightweight and sturdy, our tables will come in two different heights:
a regular dining table height and a coffee table height; giving you an option
for whatever space you may have. Not only will they be perfect for gaming,
but a large range of activities for families are possible on them. If you enjoy playing Lego with the kids (or by yourself!) then you can do and contain the
pieces inside our vault! Once the top surface is on, you’re ready for dinner or anything else life decides to throw at you! If you’re looking for a centre
piece for your gaming group or event, this also works as something that
will really stand out from the crowd without emptying your wallet!

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